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Groups ask Obama to endorse anti-bullying legislation


This week, a group of 70 organizations joined forces to ask for President Obama’s support of legislation that could strengthen anti-bullying efforts across the country.

The Student Non-Discrimination Act would prohibit harassment in public elementary and secondary schools based on a student’s actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. Obama has said he supports anti-bullying laws but he hasn’t yet endorsed federal legislation against bullying, and there’s currently no federal law protecting LGBT students in school.

The ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal, GLSEN, certain churches and countless other organizations are on the list of those asking for Obama’s support in passing SNDA, similar to his support for bills like the Respect for Marriage Act.

“An endorsement of the Student Non-Discrimination Act would likewise be a clarion call for equality in our schools and better protections for vulnerable children,” the letter states. “And more importantly, it would make clear to all Members of Congress what the administration views as a necessary federal legislative solution to the serious problem of anti-LGBT discrimination and harassment in our nation’s public schools.”

Laws don’t solve everything, but federal recognition of and policy against anti-gay bullying would absolutely make a difference in school districts and states where it’s brushed off as unimportant. I truly hope these efforts work.

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